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Drone Pilot Field Kit

The Drone Pilot Field Kit is a combination of documents that every drone pilot should carry with them. This document will aid pilots when confronted by angry civilians or by authorities. 

The Drone Pilot Field Kit has organized the following legal documents into one, easy to navigate, document. You can print this document out and carry it with you to jobs. The field kit contains: 

  1. FAA Commercial Drone Law Summary

  2. FAA 14 CFR 107

  3. FAA UAS Law Enforcement Assistant Guidance

  4. UAS Drone Legal Enforcement Reference Card

  5. US Forest Service Commercial Filming Rights

  6. FAA TFR's, NOTAM's

  7. Part 107 Summary

  8. Photographer's Rights to Shoot in Public

  9. UAS Fact Sheet

  10. Federal Legality on Destruction of an Aircraft

The field kit contains an area to customize the kit for your needs. You can enter your FAA registration information, remote pilot certificate number and Pilot information all from the PDF file. 

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